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You don’t need a car company to tell you how to live your life – it’s all about getting out there and doing it your way. And celebrating the wins along the way.

We got this too.

Every Holden is designed to make the drive better – our vehicles are safer, smarter and more savvy than ever. But it’s more than getting you from A to B.
It’s about going from beige-to-bold, from no-to-go and from now-to-wow! And doing it with the confidence that we’ve got your back.
And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing in Australia for the last 70 years.

Holden interior shot of driving on road in countryside

We’re dreaming big

You can’t shape the future by looking at life in the rear-view mirror. And as a brand that has built our reputation on forward-thinking, we’re not stopping now. Here’s what makes us different.

Holden commodore concept art

A track record for top-notch.

We’ve always had a reputation for designing and delivering great cars – and our design team’s still delivering the goods as part of GM’s global vehicle design program.

Holden interior shot of driving on a freeway

Be surprised by the drive.

Getting behind the wheel has gotten a whole lot safer, smarter and more seamless these days – especially with the latest tech at your fingertips. You’ll find a new way to be surprised every time you drive.

Explore the unexpected
Holden person looking out of the window at a wineyard

Did we mention we’ve got this?

A nationwide dealer network. Pricing with nothing to hide. Parts and servicing as it should be. And roadside assistance when things don’t go to plan. We got this – so you do too.

Holden dealership

Dealership of the Future

We are re-imagining our service centres and showrooms to provide a more immersive and personalised experience for our customers. Welcome to our Dealership of the Future.

Holden group of people standing in a hallway

Where to next?

It’s up to our people to make that call – and to make sure plenty of Australians come along for the journey. So if you bring your drive for hard work and passion for people to the table, we’ll bring a great culture, plenty of rewards and even more room to grow.

Be a part of Holden

We’re out there in our communities

People standing under sunset

We’re for everyone.

Which means we’ll never stop getting behind the things that matter most – like gender equality, LGBT+ rights, parental leave, Indigenous support and so much more.

What we’re doing
Holden vintage car with couple standing next to it

An Australian story.

We’ve come a long, long, long way from our early start as saddle makers in Adelaide. The seat’s definitely changed – but we’re still keeping you moving. And there’s a great story between now and then.

Saddle up